Recomendations and affiliate links

I will add things that I recommend here and equipment that I have used or currently use!

Grey card is a must for getting your skin tones right in the studio

Wireless Trigger I was trying to find the link to the triggers that I use, these are the same but come with a hotshoe for non TTL to your flash gun!

Reflectors These 5 in one reflectors are great in the studio and outdoors alike.

lightsphere You can spend 3 times the amount on the official Gary Fong version. But this will do you fine I promise!

CITI600 If money is no object, these are the best battery flashes I have seen and used so far! The TTL versionn is fantastic but much more expensive.

Brolly I love the translucient brolly for portrait work, they give you the perfect catch light in the eye!

PIKA200 For the size , these out power your normal flash gun by about double. Great bit of kit!

YongNuo wireless triggers. I spent a lot of money in the past on an expensive pocket wizard system for shooting weddings and they always gave me problems. I ended up purchasing the relatively cheap Yongnou systems for my Canons and I can honestly say they have been brilliant over the years. Make sure you purchase the version for your system (Canon, Nikon etc)

Canon EOS 6D MK11

My current main camera. Can't recommend enough for ease and quality of images. Canon have got it right for many years and this second version of the 6D (I also owned the first for since 2012).

Advangages. Fully rotating swivel rear screen, means you can take picture from all angles rather then just where your head can look. For this reason alone I upgraded from the MK1.

Canon connect app just works once set up. Means I can back up my images as I shoot (jpg only) to my phone. And also viewing on location straight away from the larger screen of my phone..

Canon image quality, as always needs to be processed as out of the camera the images on a Canon will always be flat. Why? To get maximum detail out of the sensor, then you can push - pull and edit in your chosen application (lightroom and PS in my case).

Book recommendations

Annabel Williams is a none technical photographer, she believes in simple techniques and the ability to use lighting to your advantage. If you are into portraiture her 99 Portrait ideas is a must for inspiration and taking a lot of techincal pressure off you.

99 Portrait Ideas. A book I would like to recommend to anyone who is interested in portrait photography.

Going back many years I did many courses at the Annabel Williams studio near Windermere, the first being the wedding course in 2008.

If you enjoy photography and natural light there is no better reference point and although a few years old now the techniques used are timeless!