Upcoming shoot dates & registration

Photoshooters are go! or PAG for short.

PAG started as our invite only Facebook group for those who have attended a workshop or shot with us, we share ideas, inspiration and talk about photography. Facebook link here!

As we arrange group shoots and workshops we will add them below.

As places are limited and the costs are low, your payment funds models & equipment, therefore we ask you register and then depending on the event ask to either pay a deposit or the full price.

The payment or deposit means if you can't make or we have a 'no show' it means we still have funds to pay our models . Payments and deposits are not refundable, however If you can't make the shoot you may pass your place to a replacement photographer. Any money transfer will be then between the agreed swapping parties, ie. We will not refund you then take another deposit due to charges we incur.

Please just let us know if someone is taking your place.


Get back to basics time! We can all do with this after a long lock down, it's refreshing!

Cost £25 per person.

Course topics

1. Choosing a light source

2. Connecting your camera to a studio light

3. Colour balance

4. Getting the correct exposure

5. Lighting your subject

6. Posing your subject

£25 per head

£10 deposit to secure your place.

Wed 6th Oct

6:30pm - 9pm

Location: Derbyshire Self storage


Halloween photoshoot

Thursday 28th Oct

This is one not to miss, an evening shooting our Cosplay model, Lexi. You just know she will go to town for this shoot.

£20 per head

£10 deposit to secure your place

Saturday Male model shoot

We're bring you a new look to this group shoot, we have secured Phil Bruce who is a fashion model and coach.

We're going to be doing some fitness type shots and then have a change to male fashion.

Weather permitting we will take this outdoors.

£25 per head

£10 to secure

Saturday 18th September.

2pm- 5pm

Shape & form photoshoot

Rebekah has poise and elegance through her gymnastics and is a delight to photograph.

Rebekah is a gymnast and during our portrait workshop last Wednesday started to perform in front of the camera creating shapes with her body.... This lead to an exciting discussion of putting a shoot together to showcase what she can do.

So this shoot will have a gymnastic theme perfectly times as the olympics are taking place!

£20 per head.

£10 deposit to secure.

Wednesday 11th Aug 6:30 to 9pm

This has to bring out the creativity in you!

The last one was that popular and those that attended came away with some amazing shot.

Lexi has such expression and gets right into her character. Don't miss out!

£20 per head.

£10 deposit to secure

Wednesday 18th Aug 6:30pm - 9pm


Cost £35 per person

A clothed burlesque/pinup photoshoot

Wednesday Not yet confirmed a date Aug 6:30pm - 9pm

Once registered please make your payment on the payments page.

Registration open. Payment will be later as this shoot is not fully confirmed.